Call for the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of liberation from German fascism

on May 8th, 1945.

Rally · May 8th, 2015 · 08:00-22:00 · Neue Wache, Unter den Linden 4 · Berlin




Thank you, soldiers of the Anti-Hitler Coalition

70 years ago, the second attempt to conquer the world »made in Germany«-style ended just in front the Red Army‘s gun barrels.  The Anti-Hitler Coalition stopped German fascism, which had been installed by German enterprises such as Thyssen, Siemens, Daimler, Krupp, Deutsche Bank, and the like, and which was so terribly wide-spreadedly supported by the German population.  

The Anti-Hitler Coalition ended the most horrible crime against humanity so far:  the industrially conducted mass murder of the European jews by Germany and those that were declared as jews.  Whoever was a foe of the German fascists, whomever they declared to be an enemy of the German »Volksgemeinschaft« (ethnically unfit to be part of the German population), was ostracized, exiled, tortured, exterminated – in a thousand different ways.

The Anti-Hitler Coalition stopped this, above all the members, the Soviet Union, with the greatest sacrifices, and turned into nothing what belongs to be there:  Nazi Germany, that left behind 55 million murdered and a continent in rubbles.

German militarism was destroyed by the biggest team effort of human history.  Since then, people all over the world commemorate the victims of German fascism and celebrate this date as a victory of life over barbarism.

Sbasibo – thanks – merci!

Down with the German military and its sponsors

Yet, the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) doesn‘t have to consider anything, commemorate anybody, and certainly not thank anybody – since Germany has to rewrite history, a project she has been working on for the last 70 years.  Auschwitz is not any longer supposed to be an eternal memorial for Germany‘s past crimes, but serve as a justification for the German military‘s armed operations in the name of German interests around the globe.  

Tearing down the postwar borders enabled the FRG to annihilate the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and her anti-fascist manner of commemoration.   The relativization of German history since then is apparent in the remodelling of the Memorial of the Victims of Fascism and Militarism, installed by the GDR, into a Memorial of the Victims of War and Tyrrany.

Tearing down the postwar borders, which had been installed to render another attack by Germany impossible, enabled German militarism‘s range of activity to increase significantly again.  The German military, established by Nazi generals and continued by their brethren, is waging war again.  Her mission, her sponsors are the same:  Siemens, Daimler, Deutsche Bank.  In 1939 it was the Ukrainian wheat, the Caucasian oil, the world was attacked for, and it is nothing less today – anything that may be exploited for a profit.  Today they call it »maintaining free world trade« and »access to markets and resources around the globe«.

Those who remember the liberators, commemorate the victims, and name the perpetrators help prevent German war plans.  To remember means to fight in order to live up to what the few survivors told us to:  War – never again!  Fascism – never again! The German military‘s history shows us that both are inseparable.


Thank you, soldiers of the Anti-Hitler Coalition! 


Down with the German military and its sponsors!